Medium © Viacom

"You have helped bring a smile to my heart and peace

 to my soul that I thought were both lost forever."

- Jodi S. 

"I have no doubt that I talked to my son today. Thank you!"

- Kathy L.

"I have been able to calm down and let go of things   for the first time in 12 years."

- Sharon F.

When it comes to mediums, few are more accomplished and trusted than Allison DuBois. Patricia Arquette played Allison on the hit television series, Medium, and Allison is a 3-time New York Times Best Selling author.


For 20 years, Allison has conducted readings with victims’ families from her home-base in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Allison is able to connect with the dead, shedding light on the mysteries surrounding their deaths. For grieving families, Allison may be the best and last hope for answers.